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Friday, July 27, 2007

Little Sage

My friend Devin came to the weekly gathering a few weeks ago, and brought along his seven-year-old daughter Shea, who as always was delightful and incredibly well-behaved. We had lunch together and chatted about the Tao being no more or less than a label, like God. Shea asked: "What is the difference between Tao and God?"

I said the Tao was not regarded as a personified entity; her dad explained that it was more like an energy. I nodded and added: "Think of it as the energy behind everything."

"That's how I think of God," Shea offered confidently. "God is energy, not a person who punishes."

I told her, very truthfully, that I wished I had her brains when I was her age. :)


anders said...

hi sir..this is in reference to ur little sage,,,

I'd invite u to view this with an open mind brother.because I'm going to throw in something..

Personally i too think of god as not a person who punishes..But I'd like to think of him as god and son the persons,at least as christian belief indicates..the persons are like the sage himself in the sense that they are cute as a baby but forgiving like a mother..

and here's some interesting that the holy spirit is very close to being The tao.."dove"stands for holy spirit in christianity and tao is pronounced same as "dove"..yeah it's just's also funny right..?

And personally i feel tao is an idealogy that can enrich your relationship..even with god!!and orient it in a new sense..

tao is a treasure house!!it gifts the life itself.. free ......

Derek said...

There are probably as many different concepts of God as there are people in the world. To me, the important thing is to have your own concept rather than to follow something or someone blindly. So, I would say "bravo!" to you for making this whole idea of God personal, and uniquely yours.

Michelle said...

Hi Derek,

I'm with me, the being which many call God is an energetic entity whose wholeness is comprised of all the energy spread out among the living things in the universe.

Just as the cells in our body are each a piece of "us," we each are a piece of "God."

Derek said...

Now that is a cool concept of God.